Latest News

28-Jan-2014: Releasing project to Sonatype Maven Repo

The title says it all, the project is 'en train' of being released in the central repository.

Kind regards, Notivago.

18-Feb-2013: Getting back on the track

After many years of stagnation we are kicking the project back to life with the help of some extra friends. This new project life cicle starts under the new source forge software and a brand new SCM: Mercurial. We salute the good ol' SVN, he is a trusted friend but the times they are a'changin.

We will be working on a road map for the new project and as soon as we have something, it will be postede here. Meanwhile I will be doing a bit of coding as there is no smell like java in the morning.

Thank you, Notivago.

10-Aug-2008: Help needed

This startup was made by me (Mário) and only me. If anyone is interested in this project hit me at (mariovalentim at gmail dot com) with comments, suggestions or anything...I would really like to know what you think about this project.

10-Aug-2008: Framework Launched

Today is the birthday of this framework. It launches with all the documentation needed for you to start using right away!